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Ivaylo & Lazy Karma - Like The Sound - Jay Tripwire Remix (Bogota Records)
Patrick Baker - Reckless Love - Paul Hardy & McKai Remake
Craig Stewart - Helix - Artie Flexs Remix (DCSTrax)
Scuba Stew & Blake Brown - It's Ok - Patrick Daniels Remix (Trojan Horse Recordings)
Oxy Beat - Stand Up - Original Mix (Nirvana Recordings)
Mika Olson - Strange Piano - Original Mix (Ready Mix Records)
Carlo Gambino - Apart Of Me - Original Mix (Bounce House Records)
Kelvin K & Laurel St - Beginnings (Public Records)
Big Tune:
Kevin Knapp & Florien Kruse - The Block - Original Mix (OFF)
Simion - Warning - Original (OFF Recordings)
Craig Stewart - Helix - Tanzlife Remix (DCSTrax)
Cranky Owls vs Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth 2014 - Cranky Owls Deep Touch Remix
From The Vault:
The Night Writers - Let The Music Use You (Danica Records) 1987
On The Telephone & Guest Mix
Rainer Truby


Tommy Young - My Beloved - Original Mix (EDM Undreground)
Craig Stewart - Helix - Echofusions Deep Mix (DCSTrax) release 6th March 2014
Craig Stewart - Helix - Original Mix (DCSTrax) release 6th March 2014
Hamza - New York 2 New Delhi (Wind Horse Recordings)
Pavi - My Perception Of Music - Original Mix (Soul Departure)
WD2N - Take My Breath Away - Ben Weber Remix (Nite Grooves)
Monk & Saunders - Unfathomable (Kinetic Groove)
Johan Vermeulen - Into The Night EP - Elevate (Acryl)
DAN.K - Beautiful Strings - SHUSH Remix (Haute Musique)
Big Tune:
Soul Button - Steyoyoke Anniversary 02 - Play Again - Pete Oak Remix (Steyoyoke)
Him Self Her - Feat Hieran Fowkes - Heartstopper - Original Mix (OFF)
Andreas Saag - Hands Down (Unreleased)
From The Vault (1987):
Reese & Santonio - The Sound - (KMS)
On The Telephone: Andreas Saag
Guest Mix: Audiojack


MNEK Vs Disclosure - White Noise - Paul Hardy & McKai Remake
Craig Stewart - Helix - Echofusions Deep Mix (DCSTrax) - World Exclusive
Karol XVII & MB Valence - Obviousness (Loco)
Mika Olson - Standing On The Line - Original Mix (Loco)
Craig Stewart - Eta Corvi (Nitegrooves)
Craig Stewart - Alhazen (Street King)
Big Tune:
Dahu - North - Nick Devon Remix (Steyoyoke)
Afrobeat Feat Knowkontrol - Disorder - Original Mix (Blue Orb Records)
Purple Velvet - Remedy (Large)
Karol XVII & MB Valence - Ain't Nobody (Loco)
Point Sole & Ambigual - Nessun Dorma (Sincopat)
Sacha Robotti Feat O.D.B. & Kellis - Got Your Money - O.D.B.R.I.P (OFF)
From The Vault (1988):
Bam Bam - Give It To Me (Westbrook)
On The Telephone & Guest Mix:
Daniel Kyo


Holtoug - Everywhere Around You Feat Theo Fearing (Connaisseur Recordings)
Black Loops - Let Me See You Roll - S.K.A.M. Remix (Toy Tonics)
Fiberroot - Get Your Dreans (Sincopat)
The Sleeper - Good Morning Midnight (DCSTrax)
Onur Ozman - Akzeptanz - Deep Active Sound Remix (Ready Mix Records)
Big Tune:
Unknown - It Was What It Was - Harmony Mix
Craig Stewart - Helix - forthcoming (DCSTrax)
KRL & Greymatter - Straight Billin' - Original Mix (Wolf)
Intacto Presents Various Artists Vol.2 - Maximiljan - Scumbag (Intacto)
Leonardo Gonnelli - Wheel EP - Acid Down (Area Remote)
Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp - Down For This - Dirty Channels Remix (OFF Recordings)
From The Vault (1989):
Systematic - Dancin The Whole Night (Remarque Records)
Craig Stewart - Alhazen - forthcoming (Nite Grooves)
On The Telephone:
Guest Mix:
Franck Roger


Downtown Party Network Feat Egle Sirvydyte - Space Me Out - Mario Basanov Remix (Silence Music)
The Sleeper Feat Mina Nikolic - Avenue Of Love forthcoming (DCSTrax)
The Sleeper - Lion Dub forthcoming (DCSTrax)
Munk Feat Mona Lazette - The Beat - Extended Vocal (Gomma)
Roberto Palmero - Don't Call Me Beginner (King Street)
Beanfield - Compost Black Label 104 - B Bring You Love (Compost)
Sebb Aston - Visions (Nite Grooves)
Big Tune:
Hot Lipps Inc - Could Be - Nathan G Remix (Hot Lipps Records)
Coyu - All My Friends (100% Pure)
Samuel Dan - Hard Time (Area Remote)
Jay Lumen - Nobody - (OFF)
Craig Stewart - Helix forthcoming (DCSTrax)
From The Vault 1990:
Neal Howard - Indulge - Club House Mix (Network Records)
On The Telephone & Guest Mix
Downtown Party Network


The Sleeper - Good Morning Midnight - Pre-Master Forthcoming (DCSTrax)
Phonic Funk - Imagine (DCSTrax)
Feft - So Long - Jamie Haus Remix (Deep8)
Stride - Citrus - Original Mix (Evo Music)
Big Tune:
Silver City & Patriarca - Streets Are Like - Julian Sanza Caminito Remix (Scandalo Music)
Craig Stewart - Helix - Forthcoming (DCSTrax)
Roberto Palmero - On You (Loco Records)
Sebb Aston - Visions - Original Mix (Nite Grooves)
BIG AL - Overhead - Original Mix (Blue Orb Records)
Mika Olson - Redeem - Dandy aka Peter Makto & Gregory S. Remix (Ready Mix Records)
Peter Corvaia - Evening Influence (Dance Revolt Recordings)
Kruse & Nuernberg - Off Course - Stefano Ritteri Remix (OFF)
From The Vault:
Adonis - Do It Properly (London Records) 1987
On The Telephone & Decks:
Julian Sanza (Silver City/2020Soundsystem)


Evan Iff - Faith & Trust - Michelle Owen Remix (Large)
Craig Stewart - Eta Corvi (Nite Grooves)
Mika Olson - How Does It Feel - Original Mix (Loco Records)
Bruce Leroys Feat Dr. Shinigami - Get Me Right - Barber & Vanilla Ace Remix (OFF Recordings)
Big Tune:
Phonic Funk - Red Enigma forthcoming (DCSTrax)
Blaze Presents UDAUFL Feat Joi Cardwell - Be Yourself - Satoshi Fumi Dub Mix (King Street)
Phonic Funk - Jaywalk forthcoming (DCSTrax)
Dellmon - Summer Time - Stefan Cordery Remix (Kinetic Groove)
Inner Rebels - You & Me - Original Mix (Loco Records)
Pedro Faria Feat Kavina Ladean - Same Ground (Viva Recordings)
Dan Baartz - Branded - Original (Trojan House Records)
Craig Stewart - M81 - Erdal Mauff Remix (DCSTrax)
From The Vault:
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Expansions (Flying Dutchman)
Guest Mix & Interview:
Hannes Fischer


Montana & Stewart Feat Diviniti - Let Me Show You - Echofusions Deep Groove Mix (Universe Media)
Craig Stewart - M81 - Stride Remix (DCSTrax)
Hans Thalau - 017-1 (Thal Communications)
The Sunchasers - The Deep - Matt Correa Mix (Groove Boy)
Craig Stewart - Eta Corvi (Nite Grooves)
Andy B Meyer - Bless - Original Mix (Fresh Cream Records)
Craig Stewart - M81 - Original Mix (DCSTrax)
Submantra & DJ Umbi - Ain't Nobody - Original Mix (Soul Departure)
Bla Bla Bla - Blosson (Blossom Collective)
Big Tune:
Peter Pizzutelli - Nikit (Sincopat)
Moodtrap - Out Of Time - Audiojack Acid Sunrise Mix (Tsuba)
Spiritchaser - Visions - 2013 Re-Touch (Guess)
From The Vault:
Deskee - Let There Be House (Blackout)
On The Telephone & Guest Mix:
Frank Naht